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To keep abreast of the economic integration
of the world and the times of internationalization and fully to use the advantage of platform of
"International Technology Exchange and Cooperation", BITCC has expanded continuously the channel of cooperation and exchange with foreign companies and established a long-term relationship of a strategic cooperation with many international famous enterprises and universities,such as Siemens China, Schenker Logistic of Germany, JVC Company of Japan, etc., …………………………more
Schenker BITCC Logistics (Beijing) Co. Ltd.
Siemens Technical Development Company, Ltd., Beijing
JVC (Beijing)Research & Development Center Ltd.
BITCC International Trade Company depended on the advantages of international channel has its main business including domestic and international trade, introduction and generalization of high-tech products, business consulting service, engineering of city landscaping and advertisement etc. BITCC cooperated with Schenker provides perfect logistic and storage services to domestic and foreign clients with all sincerity.………more
solution-one stop concept   
Market ConsultationImport Agent 
Bonded Warehouse Service 
Sales agent serviceSourcing in China   
Product distribution and sale
Market consulting and promotion     ◇ Sight Designing and Construction
Warmly Congratulate the 15th Anniversary of Founding of... 2006/07/16
Since 1992, the property and facility management company (PFM) of BITCC began to provide a comprehensive facilities management service to Siemens Ltd., China and other famous companies.
As an investment company for property management, PFM holds not only the experience in operation and management of high-level office buildings and economical hotels, but also the advantage in capital and human recourses. In 2004, PFM has gained the certificate of ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environment management system. On the platform of internationalization, PFM, having the element of internationalization and development, is becoming a modern enterprise for property and facility management service. ……………………………………more
Flow Chart of Property Management
Principles of Management
Certificates for Quality and Environment Management
Service Criterion
BITCC Education and training Center, established in 1991, is provided with the good environment, modern training equipment and management mode, practice experiences and qualification for running of schools by non-governmental sectors. Based on the principles of “high-level, high-standard, high-class” and adhering to the way of “three combinations” such as “management and technical training, formal academic education and vocational education, international cooperation and domestic advantage”, BITCC has successively established the cooperative relations with Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Xi’an Jiaotong University,ect.………………more
? Vocational and Skill Training   
? Information Technology Course 
? Languages Courses 
? Cooperative Training Projects 
? Human Resource Course 
News about Training Activity
Haidali started to manufacture membrane switches from 1992. Over the past 10 years, sticking to the company spirit of "Cooperation, Creation, Pursuing excellence", Haidali won good reputations from both domestic and overseas customers by its products with reliable quality and beautiful appearance. The brand of Haidali is famous in the market, especially in north China. The customers of Haidali covers many famous domestic joint ventures, and many multinational conglomerates from Japan, South Korea, United states and Europe.………more
【Products】…………………………< more >
Electronic apparatus for production of labels
HF Screen Printing Inlay
Relying on the support of the Government, with an experience of many years in domestic and international cooperation and through the wide channels of internal and external cooperation, BITCC is able to offer the consultancy service in all areas to all domestic and foreign enterprises. The projects of service can be market study and development, project feasibility study and management, introduction of products, information exchange etc.………………more
【Projects / Services Content】………< more >
Consultancy service in Sino-foreign cooperation to the small and medium-sized businesses
evaluation of the overall quality of workforce
Beijing International Technology Cooperation Center (BITCC) / Beijing Technology Exchange Training Center (BTETC) is a Company directly under Beijing Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. In 1986, thanks to the support of the Leading Group of Major Technology and Equipment of the State Council and the Coordination Committee of China Machinery, Electric and Electronics Industries and Siemens AG, Germany, Beijing Municipality and Siemens signed an Agreement on establishing a High-tech vocational training center which is one of the 150 major technical projects introduced by China from foreign countries in the 1980's.  [more]
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